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Courtney's Story.

Staying Active.

March 1st, 2024

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Courtney Loves to be around people. Since she moved out of her parent's house into her new home in Transcona, Courtney enjoys participating in conversations, watching movies and YouTube videos, and entertaining friends with her great sense of humour - all in her unique ways.

Courtney is not too chatty but very creative in communicating beyond words. Going on bike rides with family and friends is one of Courtney's favourite ways to connect with people, enjoy the outdoors, and stay active.

Walking has been a life-long challenge for Courtney. But not on a bike! As a child, she had an adaptive bike that she loved dearly. She could move around freely on a bike and feel the fresh wind on her face while peddling along with her mom and dad through parks and paths, enjoying the outdoors, and living her best life.


Courtney is now in her 30s, and the bike from her early years is a little too small. She needs an adult adaptive bike with a higher level of  customization for extra support around her ankles. A bike like that costs more than what Courtney could ever afford.


Staying  active while connecting with friends and family is critical for Courtney now. With a new bike, Courtney will be able to go for trail and path rides not only with St.Amant staff but also with her parents, who would love to spend more quality time with Courtney.


Courtney's family is very active, especially in the summer. They go camping, for walks, and for bike rides. A fully adapted bike would allow Courtney to included in the family's activities.


Your pledge to team goBert will help Courtney stay healthy, active, and connected with her family and friends.

With the spring just around the corner, Courtney and the staff at St.Amant are already thinking about which events Courtney will be able to join when she gets a new bike that is  adapted to her needs.

Your generosity to the 2024 Tri for St.Amant will help ensure that Courtney will enjoy the freedom of moving around this summer and live her best life.

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